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At HXB Pros, we are experts in concrete finishing.

Reach out to one of our project specialists to help you decide on a unique texture/stamp pattern for your project. 

The four basic concrete finishes are:

  • Exposed Aggregate  

  • Broom 

  • Stamped  

  • Slick Troweled  

We specialize in all techniques. Each technique differs slightly in pricing and you have the option of adding color or a stain to any technique.

Ask about the option of applying a sealant which will help protect your choice of concrete finish!

For additional inspiration on stamped concrete ideas, visit our Gallery or see Brickform.


Other Services

  • Decking

  • Railings

  • Fencing

  • Drains

  • Demolition

  • Hauling

  • Overlays
  • Grinding

Download Color Guide

Download Stain Guide

Exposed Concrete.jpg
Brushed concrete.jpg

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete where a thin top layer of concrete is removed to expose the gravel or sand that's always part of the mixture but usually hidden.

Broom Finish

Brushed concrete is a different type of finish for poured concrete. After pouring, the concrete is brushed with a stiff bristled broom, which gives it a rougher surface compared to smooth “finished” concrete.

stamped and stained.jpg

Stamped & Stained

Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, replicates stones, such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. Staining imparts a luxurious richness that can't be achieved by any other coloring medium. Rather than produce a solid, opaque effect like paint, stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with luminous, translucent tones.

Trowel (also referred to as Burnished)

Trowel concrete is cement-based and guarantees a high tactility and a more natural effect; it's not subject to indentations and yellowing.The term burnishing, in essence, means burning the finish. The end result is a polished concrete finish where there is no aggregate exposed.

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